Doing What I Love…

by / Monday, 08 June 2015 / Published in Upcoming Events

IMG_44432-e1429047600198   I recently had the pleasure of presenting a writing mini-lesson to a small group of students in Mrs. Proctor’s 2nd grade class.  We discussed using descriptive words and elaboration in our writing.  We stretched the sentence…”The fish was swimming,” into “The little gray fish was swimming fast in the cool blue sea.”  We had so much fun creating our sentences.  I wrapped up the lesson by showing the students a group of my shoes that I had brought in for the elaboration lesson.  I wrote a short, very simple sentence, “I love my favorite shoes.”  They then tried to guess which shoes were my favorite.  Of course, they couldn’t because of the limited information I had given them.  I elaborated my sentence, “I love my favorite tan running shoes with the brown, bumpy soles.”  They quickly guessed which were my favorites:)  The following day, I returned to the classroom to talk to Mrs. Proctor about the previous day’s lesson.  I was very surprised to see that same small group of students teaching yesterday’s writing lesson on elaboration to the rest of the class!  They were doing a wonderful job, too!  Way to go, Mrs. Proctor’s class!